Rent at a Negative Cash Flow vs. Sell for a Loss

There are properties known as negative-cash-flow properties. They are properties where the cost is higher than the income they bring in. Sometimes, properties that have a positive cash flow may start producing a negative cash flow, which can be caused by numerous reasons. Among the reasons are the location, poor property management, low occupancy rate, and some others.

Should You Keep or Sell a Property With a Negative Cash Flow?

It may sound weird, but there are numerous reasons for keeping properties with a negative cash flow rather than selling them. Here is a list of some of the reasons you should know about.

Possible Future Growth

If there is any indicator of the future growth of your property with a negative cash flow, you may want to keep it. However, it is very important to look at things realistically. Is there any proof of the possible future appreciation? If you simply think that real estate always appreciates, you are wrong. This does not happen all the time, and you may be very disappointed.

A Negative Cash Flow Sometimes Turns Into Positive One

Properties with a negative cash flow might become positive-cash-flow properties at any time. You may think that your mortgage is a serious burden that you have to carry, but you never know what will happen in a few years. It is absolutely normal to have a negative cash flow, especially if you are thinking about your future as a homeowner or real estate investor. You may be surprised, but there are thousands of properties with a negative cash flow in the United States, and many of them are considered great and promising investments.

Why Should You Consider Selling Your Property With a Negative Cash Flow?

There are many situations when selling your negative-cash-flow property is a better and more beneficial plan than keeping it. Here is a list of a few reasons for listing your property for sale.

Very High Monthly Costs

Being a homeowner is always financially demanding, especially if you are an owner of a property with a negative cash flow. There are many expenses that you have to deal with, including utilities, monthly mortgage payments, maintenance costs, repair expenses, and others. If your expenses are getting too high, you may start operating at a loss, which is not good.

Rental Income Is Unstable

Your rental income is not always stable, and it can be affected by various things, including location, interest rates, home prices, job market, and some others. Therefore, since rental income is not stable and not guaranteed, you should never rely on it.

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