How it Works

4 Easy Steps to Get Cash for Your Home

At We Buy Houses Colorado Springs, we’ve streamlined our home-buying process into four simple, straightforward steps. We know working with commission-based real estate agents is time consuming, expensive, and often downright stressful. It’s our goal to present you with an easier, faster way to sell your house.

When you partner with our team, we’ll extend a fair cash offer for your Colorado Springs property, regardless of its condition or your reason for needing to sell. Love our offer? You can choose to sell in as little as 48 hours or you can delay to a date that works for you. Our simplified, rapid buying process is designed to not only be as transparent as possible but to also offer you the cash you need, right when you need it. 

How do we help you sell your house fast? We’ve broken down our simple, four-step process below. 

Step 1: Contact Us With the House You Need to Sell

To get your cash offer request started, simply contact our team and tell us about the property you need to sell. To get in touch with us, you can fill out our short online form, contact us by phone, or send us an email. We’ll ask you for your basic contact information, along with a few preliminary details about the house you’d like to sell. 

Once we receive your information, we’ll begin conducting preliminary research on the property to start building your cash offer. If you contact us during normal operating hours, a member of our team will get back to you within minutes to gather additional details and walk you through the next steps. 

Step 2: Schedule a Walkthrough

After discussing your goals for selling your house, if you still feel we’re a great fit, the next step is to schedule a hassle-free walkthrough of your property. During our scheduled walkthrough, we’ll perform an informal inspection to assess the current condition of your home and other factors that help determine its value.

We’ll also take a look at the market value of other homes in the area, which allows us to formulate a fair cash offer that coincides with how the market is currently performing. After we complete our informal inspection and factor in all necessary details, our team will finalize our fair cash offer and present it for your review and consideration.  

If you live out of state and own property in the Colorado Springs area that you’d like to sell, we can conduct the entire process by phone and email to ensure a fast, safe, secure transaction. No need to make a special trip for a 15 minute informal walkthrough.

Step 3: Receive a Cash Offer for Your Home

Once we’ve completed and finalized our offer, we’ll present it for your consideration. If your home requires repairs or renovations, we’ll factor in those estimated costs when determining the overall value of your property. Because we buy houses in any condition, the estimated cost of all repairs and renovations affects the final cash offer we’re able to extend.

When we deliver our offer, there’s no catch. You simply decide whether you’re willing to accept or decline it. There are no additional fees of any kind, and we won’t ask you to perform any further work on the property. We extend as-is offers for homes around Colorado Springs, which means we’re ready to purchase your property for a fair cash price, exactly as it stands.

Step 4: Sell Immediately or Whenever You’re Ready

If you like the sound of our offer and choose to accept it, you can proceed with the sale immediately or sell whenever you’re ready. If you need additional time to move out or to tie up loose ends, we can work with you to set a move-out date that meets your unique needs.

We’ll never pressure you to move forward with the sale, and you are never obligated to accept our offer. When you work with us, you’ve found the answer to the question “How can I sell my house fast in Colorado Springs?”. We’ll never encourage you to sign a deal you have reservations about. 

If you’re ready to discover an easier, faster way to sell your house in Colorado Springs, get in touch with our team today! You can give us a call at (719) 602-8814, or fill out our contact form to request additional information and get the process started!