How to Sell Your Sinkhole House

You can sell a house with a sinkhole surprisingly easily. Zero in on the right buyers, and you’ll be able to sell your house fast without a lengthy wait. The right buyer will also pay fair value for your property, even if the sinkhole is sizable. Here’s a quick look at the best approach to selling a sinkhole house.

Repair the Sinkhole Prior to Selling

Though you can certainly sell a property with a sinkhole to We Buy Houses Colorado Springs, selling it for top dollar will be significantly easier if you repair the sinkhole prior to putting it up for sale. Rectifying the space in question with the addition of steel beams will provide buyers with the confidence they need to bid on the property without worrying about whether there is sufficient structural integrity.

Sell the Home “As Is”

If you don’t have the money to repair the sinkhole or simply don’t want to fuss around with a repair project of that magnitude, sell your home in its current condition. Selling without making any improvements and eliminating all liability for ensuing repairs is also referred to as selling “as is” as the property is sold in its current condition. Though you won’t maximize the value of your home by selling it as is, you will certainly find parties willing to buy it.

Acknowledge the Sinkhole to Prospective Buyers

Make the presence of the sinkhole perfectly clear to prospective buyers, and you’ll be able to sell your house fast. As long as you make We Buy Houses Colorado Springs aware of the sinkhole, you will receive a fair cash offer without a lengthy wait. What matters most in selling a sinkhole house is full transparency. Tell the truth about the number of sinkholes as well as their magnitude, and you will be able to sell the property without worry.

Provide Documentation

Potential buyers will be that much more interested in making an offer for your sinkhole house if you fully document the sinkhole. Provide prospective buyers with a copy of the report pertaining to the sinkhole activity. It will also help to provide a copy of the stabilization completion certification. This documentation serves as a legal disclosure of the sinkhole investigation and subsequent repair. As long as the group that performed the repair is accredited, buyers will rest easy knowing the repair was performed properly.

Documentation is also important if you bypass repairs. Document every component of the transaction to specify the property has a sinkhole and have the buyer sign a disclosure stating his or her awareness of the presence of the sinkhole including its size, and you’ll be able to sell your sinkhole house without worry.

Obtain Legal Advice

When in doubt, consult with a real estate attorney. Your attorney will help you move forward with the sale of your sinkhole property so you can turn the page on this chapter of your life and buy a new home without worrying about potential legal action. Your real estate attorney will structure the language pertaining to the home inspection and subsequent sale in a manner that acknowledges the presence of the sinkhole, eliminating or greatly mitigating your legal liability for ensuing damage after the deal closes.

Steer Interested Parties Toward a Specific Lender

Some home loan lenders refuse to extend mortgage offers to those looking to buy a sinkhole house. If the parties interested in your sinkhole house cannot obtain financing through their bank, suggest another financial institution willing to lend the money. Perform research on home loan lenders, find those that have less stringent standards, specifically in terms of sinkhole properties, and suggest them to the parties who have expressed an interest in buying your house.

We Buy Houses Colorado Springs Is Interested in Your Sinkhole House

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